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Few people are wizards at making money. But it IS possible for anybody to get rid of their money blocks.

Businesses exist to make money. But even with that goal in mind, it doesn’t mean it’s an easy ride to the top.

Money blocks are all too real and common in personal and business finance. Learning to overcome them is an essential thing to do early on.

Here are four ways to help you overcome your own fear of money.

1. Acknowledge the Fear

As is the case with any fear, the first step to overcoming fear of money is to recognise it. Do that and it becomes easier to identify what’s actually scary.

Do you fear the thought of losing money? Or do you fear not making enough money?

Acknowledging your fear, whatever it may be, helps identify the real underlying issue.

2. Ask for Help

Whether it’s personal or business finances, there’s always someone out there that knows more.

People who hit money blocks and develop a fear of money are those that never ask for help. But there’s no shame in asking someone more qualified about what you can do in this regard.

Accountants, financial advisors, successful investors and entrepreneurs are all people that may be able to help. Salespeople and professional marketers can also provide insights into specific money problems.

3. Ask for Money

Are you not generating enough revenue? If so, why not consider asking for money?

Do your due diligence on potential partnerships, investments, and loans.

In some cases, overcoming a money block simply requires an influx of capital from outside sources. It may not seem like the most appealing idea, but it is an option.

4. Develop New Money Habits

Sometimes, the best way to overcome a block is to step outside the comfort zone.

People run into money blocks because they are fixed in their ways. That’s why making adjustments and developing new money habits can help overcome the fear of money.

It will take work and time. But you already know that one’s mindset can’t be changed in an instant.

The idea is to try new things and make progress. After all, small successes add up and can alter the mindset.

Taking Action

The fear of money and money blocks don’t always cast a veil on what needs to change. It’s possible to identify solutions and still not overcome fear.


It’s because the fear of failure can also creep in. When that happens, people refuse to take action and make the required positive changes.

Tackling the fear head-on is always a good thing. Identify what action you should take and pull the trigger to break through the money block.

Learn to Overcome Common Money Myths

There are well-founded fears in the world. But when it comes to entrepreneurs and business owners, the line between facts and myths involving money is not all that clear sometimes.

It’s vital to learn more about the economic environment as those without knowledge of this area can fall prey to money myths.

They can end up creating entirely fictional and impossible scenarios for why they have money blocks. That’s also a reason why it’s difficult to see the solution when the issue doesn’t have a strong foundation to stand on.