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Accountants For Tech Startups

5 Rivers Accountancy offers specialised financial services for tech startups in London, providing clarity on complex financial matters such as taxes and compliance.

We offer personalised guidance tailored to each startup’s specific goals and stages, whether it’s pre-seed or Series A fundraising.

Our firm establishes close partnerships with clients, prioritising your success and understanding your business thoroughly. Our industry-specific expertise has supported many ventures through various stages.


Accountants For Construction Firms

We offer financial guidance and tax simplification to construction firms, preventing costly errors and promoting growth. We provide tailored financial plans and accounting services with a friendly, partnered approach.

Beyond compliance, we offer hidden insights and identify potential tax savings.

accountants for construction companies
accountants for recruitment agencies

Accountants For Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies face an array of financial headaches, from volatile cashflows and tax burdens to payroll pain and limited planning. Managing finances is critical but difficult when focused on clients and candidates.

5 Rivers Accountancy provides experienced recruitment accountants who thoroughly understand your financial challenges. We lift key administrative burdens through optimised, compliant processes and tailored accounting strategies developed specifically for the recruitment industry.

By leveraging our expertise, you reduce frustrations and risk, freeing up resources to nurture fruitful relationships.


Accountants For Dentists & Dental Surgeries

Our accountancy firm provides accounting services to UK dentists, with a focus on simplifying financial challenges.

We offer customised solutions, aiming to save dentists time and money, while ensuring long-term financial health.

Communication is kept simple and friendly.

accountant for dentists and dental surgeries
accountants for manufacturing companies

Accountants For Manufacturing Companies

5 Rivers Accountancy offers precision financial management for UK manufacturing businesses.

We provide tailored financial plans and services that won’t break the bank, and our approach is personal, professional, and jargon-free.

We aim to guide manufacturers through financial challenges, turning them into success stories.


Accountants For e-Commerce Sellers

We assist e-commerce online sellers in managing their finances by tracking sales, advertising and storage fees, ensuring tax compliance, and preventing fines. Our expertise in both e-comm and accounting allows us to maximise tax deductions and keep up with legal changes. Our services save clients time, money, and stress, allowing them to focus on growing their businesses. Our personalised approach includes assigning each client an advisor who learns their business intricacies and provides profitable strategies.

accountant for e-commerce online sellers